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Interviews 2001

In the fall of 2001, I was interviewed four times. I have compiled the questions and answers below.

Where are you from?
I was born in Cleveland, Ohio, grew up in Cleveland & Columbus, Ohio; Atlanta, Ga; and Pittsburgh, Pa. I came out to Orange County after graduating from Penn State. I lived in Newport for twenty years where I raised my twin sons and then moved to Laguna. I am now single. I live in North Laguna and have my studio in the Canyon.

What types of artwork do you do?

CMandril de Rosaontemporary painting - my current "Walls" series are abstractions about relationships. Abstraction to a me is a concrete way to convey emotions, concepts and relationships.

Public Art sculpture - outdoor sculptures as part of Public Art requirements or competitions. Although most of my art is abstract, the sites of my public art have inspired me to create figurative works with symbolic content. I have two sculptures in the City of Brea. I created two banners and a Palette for the City of Laguna Beach. With author Cheryl Thiele, I created an angel for the City of Los Angeles "A Community of Angels"project. Most recently I installed "Steps in the Sand" at the Crescent Bay Villas project in North Laguna.

Sculpture in metal and mixed media - I am currently combining cast paper and metal and experimenting with concrete.

Works on paper - mixed media collages with drawing, monoprints, and ink paintings (the ink paintings are the most "direct" art that I do. The gesture is immediate and deliberate. They most reflect my emotions.)

Computer graphics - I use the computer to do renderings for commissions, create my website, produce my advertising materials, and produce the files for laser and water jet cutting of metal. It seems like a large list but I think of the media as interchangable. I do a lot of commissions which lead me in new directions as I create for a particular site.

How did you first become interested in this form of art?
I have wanted to be an artist all of my life and have always loved the "process of art", frequently combining media and techniques.

What were your first experiences with this form of art?
My grandparents encouraged my earliest art by providing me with many supplies and trips to art stores.

Did you take lessons?
Yes, I started exploring art instruction books on my own, then took art in high school and continued on to my Bachelors in Art Education from Penn State and my Master's Degree in Art from Long Beach State. I also took architecture classes at UCI. What kind of influence did this art instructor have on your development as an artist?
Each instructor taught me something. Sometimes it took years before I would use the information. I value all of their contributions.

Who were your other instructors, and how did they affect your development?
I have also taken business classes which have helped me make my art my business, my career, and my only source of income. Spiritual classes have helped me "plan my life" and put it in context.

Do you teach?
After graduation I taught at Foothill High School in Tustin for 5 years. When my twins were young, I taught at Coastline Community College. I also ran a community based art program with Janet Ray in Corona del Mar for 5 years. What artists have inspired you?
Vasily Kandinsky, Louise Nevelson, Robert Motherwell, Clyfford Still, Helen Frankenthaler.

How do you think that they have influenced or affected your work?
Their use of texture, space, geometry.

How long have you been doing your type of artwork?
My work is always evolving, exploring new expressions and re-combining with past images and techniques.

Are there other techniques for doing your form of art work?

I consider all media my tools and enjoy learning new ones to create new images. Some of the art that I do is very direct such as the paintings and the ink paintings on paper. Others, such as the metal works and paper sculptures start with a sketch then are planned and rendered on the computer before fabrication. How did you develop your technique?
Experimentation, experimentation, experimentation - and research when necessary.

Have you ever collaborated with anyone to produce a piece of artwork?
Yes, I occassionally use studio assistants. A recent public art project "The Angel's Journey" for the City of Los Angeles was a collaboration with author, Cheryl Thiele.If so, what was that like, and would you do it again?
I do many commissions and will always consider various options. Commissions are always collaborations between the artist and the person or group that is commissionning the work.

My statement on my "Public Art" page.
"The creative blending of art, community, business, site, architecture, history, symbolism, collectors, builders, designers, owners, technology and more, are many of the varied components that are involved in Public Art and larger private and corporate commissions. Rather than considering these qualifications limitations, they uniquely catalyze my creative thought into new directions."

What shows are you in and how else do you sell your artwork?
I am in the Sawdust Art Festival, the Beverly Hills "Affaire in the Gardens" Oct. and also in May, the SouthWest Art Fest in Indio in February, and sometimes other shows. I was in the Festival of Arts in 1998. I also sell through galleries, art consultants, architects, interior designers, and art dealers. The artists whose studios are near mine organized into "Laguna Canyon Artists" and have a website, shows and "Open Studio Events" in December, April, and throughout the year. I also have a website

What do you enjoy most about what you do?
Every day is different. There is satisfaction in many aspects of my art - the inspiration, the planning, the creation, the selling, the documenting and sharing.

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