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Old Town Project ties art and history together

There will be light at the end of the tunnel – and artwork too.

Orange In Motion, renderingA public-art project designed and created by Laguna Beach artist Marsh Scott will be installed on the walls of the underground Orange Depot Pedestrian Crossing during late spring/early summer.

Using color and historical facts to engage the community, the project will enhance the crossing, making it more accessible and attractive, said Paul Sitkoff, the city’s business and public affairs manager.

“Artwork in a public space speaks to the people and conveys a sense of belonging to the city,” Sitkoff said. “It really feeds the soul.”

The Orange Redevelopment Agency will provide $89,000 to fund the project. After the artwork is installed, the Southern California Regional Rail Authority will reimburse the Agency.

Four designs were submitted and out of two finalists, Scott, who regularly commissions public art projects around Orange County, was selected.

“I have always liked the interaction in creating something specific for a site,” said Scott said. “It’s part of what I do.”

The artwork, “Orange in Motion,” will have a motif of an orange, foliage and blossom created out of stainless steel. Interwoven in between the motif are stainless-steel ribbons that identify historic milestones of the city.
Sarah Young

Orange City News; March 12, 2009

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