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Marsh Scott 2006
making an encaustic
Painter Marsh Scott works on an encaustic painting in her Laguna Beach studio.

Location: Laguna Canyon

The studio: Also along Laguna Canyon Road, a modern working studio/gallery space located in a small cluster of studios.

Years on the tour: Five.

Years as an artist: Since she was a little girl, but full-time since 1986. She currently serves as president of the Board of Directors for the Sawdust Art Festival.

Art forms: Encaustic painting (pigments mixed with melted wax and resin) on wood panels, oil painting and metal sculpture (when commissioned).

Former professions: Scott taught art at Foothill High School in Tustin as well as Coastline College, and led a community-based art program in Corona del Mar. She's also a mom of grown twin sons.

Advice for budding artists: "Get educated. Study art history. Learn the computer, and how to do Web sites. And you have to like running a small business."

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