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Thank you to all the people who collect, sell, promote and encourage me and my art. Also thank you to all of those who assist me build, assemble, and craft my art – you make me look good! One of the joys of this work is that so many of you have become friends.  

*I am an individual artist and do not exhibit or represent other artists.
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33942 Malaga Dr #A
Dana Point, CA 92629
949 494-8672

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Marsh ScottMarsh Scott grew up in several cities in the east, and received a BS in Art Education from Penn State before she moved to the west coast and ultimately Laguna Beach. She received her MA in Art from CSULB, and took architecture classes at UCI. After ten years of teaching high school and community college art and also teaching at a private art program, she became a full time studio artist.

Scott's work has always involved textures and layers as a way to physically indicate the passage of time. Handwriting, with and without words, is expressive, individual. Bringing in the artist's hand by drawing, painting or carving line conveys by gesture symbols and concepts.

Early sculptural work in cast paper evolved into large multiple piece installations. Ink paintings reduced the line and gesture to their minimum. Paintings included handmade paper for texture. Always experimenting with a variety of mediums; metal, especially stainless steel, became the choice for large public commissions and installations throughout the country. Drawing in CAD and having plates laser or water jet cut allows the surface to at once be sculpture and drawing. Shadows become an additional, changing layer. A series of encaustic paintings and some sculptures became more and more minimal and neutral with some focusing on sweeping gestural marks and others, repetitive texture. Stone became a new medium to explore with installations of multiple abstract forms carved with line.

Scott currently lives and creates in Dana Point, California. Actively involved in the local art's community, she has served on the Board and then as president of the renowned Sawdust Art Festival. In 2010 she received the “Artist of the Year” award in Laguna Beach, California.

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