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Poetic Gestures
Poetic Gestures

Edge of the OceanThe Edge of the Ocean

Poetic Gestures series: Painting on fresco and also using it as texture allows me to explore multiple themes united by line, gesture, color, texture, and sometimes words or implied text. The process of painting and the development of the layers is a tension between expression and form, content and line. Gesture expressed in drawing, painting, and carving is primary.

The plaster base creates a smooth surface to define the color palette. Over this is an admittedly self indulgent layer of letters, poems and diary entries that sets the theme, color palette and emotional undercurrent of the piece.

A thicker layer of plaster only partially covers what is under and allows for the carving of symbols, numbers, words, and maps. color now becomes primary as sheer pigments are layered, scraped, brushed and dripped until saturated both ignoring the painted gestures and highlighting the carved ones while simplifying and uniting the surface.


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